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Inside3 Legends Series Handheld Labyrinth Puzzle - The Ninja - Old style

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Inside3 Legends Series Handheld Labyrinth Puzzle - The Ninja - Old style

JWS are proud to present the Legends Series - a new series of puzzle challenges from labyrinth masters Inside3. This range of puzzles asks players to steer a ball through an intricate two layered environment to achieve a goal - then race back to the start of the maze. With 'The Ninja' the top layer of the maze has been shaped to represent a scene from feudal Japan. The Ninja player (ball) must navigate twists, turns, balance paths - and the hidden blind layer - in order to steal the Katana and then escape the Dojo. Featuring graphics from French comics artist Boulet and a smart hang pack, the Legend Series is perfectly packaged for mail order as well as Bricks and Mortar retailers. The Inside3 Legends games are handheld, approximately the size of a mobile phone and fit in your pocket easily. 

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"The NINJA and the Masamune Katana " is a perilous adventure in the world of Ninjas - and a fresh approach to puzzle games from Inside3. Your mission is to steal a very rare and precious Katana forged by the famous Master Masamune, locked in the Dojo of the palace of the terrible Lord Komotochi.
To succeed in your mission, you will need skill, patience and a lot of persistence. You will have to succeed in reaching the famous sword, but above all to get out of the palace. Because the outward journey will be easier than the return, the traps and the trappers await you on the path which will perhaps bring you back to Liberty and Wealth…

The Ninja Legend game features the following detailed obstacles in its environment:
- A narrow wooden trellis
- Traps which will make you retrace your steps and drive you mad.
- A not-so Zen garden.
- Finally, players must leave the Dojo without ending up in the cellar
- A room with multiple doors…

To reach the Dojo you will have to descend a last staircase which will take you into the labyrinthine basements of the Palace. Fortunately a plan is engraved just before the stairs. It will allow you to reach the staircase which will lead you to the Dojo. It will also be very useful for you to escape these basement sections.
It is also up to you to discover the shortcuts and the two secret passages…

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Additional Information

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