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  1. Best Sporting Hand Shuttlecock

    You can use the Best Sporting Hand Shuttlecock to play thrilling games of Hand Badminton, sometimes known as Brazilian Badminton. Bat it with your hands, knees or feet and keep it the hand shuttlecock airborne. This toy is great for the beach and garden and can be used by multiple players. Please note that the colour may vary.

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  2. Aerobie Rocket Football
    AerobieĀ® Rocket Football

    The Aerobie Rocket football's patented curved fins and small diameter create spectacular spirals and long distance flights. Its curved fins push the ball into a spiral even when the thrower barely spins it. Great for kids as young as three. Right handed throws only. Size: 6 inches long. Available in various 2-tone colors. Ages 3 and up.

    Comes in neat presentation box in lots of fun colour ways. Suitable for right handed players.

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  3. Aerobie Football
    A large AerobieĀ® Football

    The Aerobie Football's patented curved fins push it into spectacular spirals every time. Rapid spinning means stable, accurate passes. Pocketed finger grips ensure the Aerobie football fits hands of all sizes, from young children to adults. Right handed throws only. Size: 9 inches long. Available in various 2-toned colors. Ages 5 and up.

    Perfect Spirals Every Time: Patented curved fins propel the Aerobie football into a perfect spiral every time.

    Increased Accuracy: Unlike straight fins which would slow the spin rate, the Aerobie football's curved fins accelerate the spin, increasing the stability and accuracy of throws.

    Easy to Catch: Aerobie footballs slow to a wobble-free final glide, making them easier to catch than other footballs.

    Precision Grip: The patented finger pocket grip fits all size hands, making the Aerobie football easy to throw well.

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  4. Targit Howling Booster Rocket & Rod Set
    The Targit Booster Rocket and launcher is a new dimension in outdoor fun. Alone, as a couple or in a group; Targit provides hours of fun. The Targit Booster Rocket & launcher set is a fun, safe way for friends to throw rockets to each other. just fit the rocket on the hand held launcher to dramatically increase your throwing strength. The rocket itself has excellent flight characteristics and is fitted with 2 whistles which make a howling sound as it flies through the air. With a little practice, throws can reach well over 40 metres with great accuracy. This set includes 2 launchers with comfy EVA handles and a durable *but not hard!) foam tipped rocket; all supplied in a smart presentation box. Suitable for ages 8+ Learn More
  5. Nerf Vortex Howler
    The Vortex Howler from Nerf has always been one of our favourite throwing toys. With minimal effort it flies straight and true thanks to the dynamic tail design. With a little practice you'll be able to throw this rocket over incredible distances. Due to the innovative whistles embedded in the body, this throwing toy makes a scary 'howling' sound as it flies through the air. Best of all though is the clever materials used on the body and tail: Firm enough to maintain their shape and put up with plenty of dropping and fumbled catches - Soft enough to be suitable for children. Highly recommended. Supplied in smart cardboard presentation box.

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