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  1. Juggle Dream Infinity Ring
    Juggle Dream present their latest prop - The Infinity Ring is the next generation in flow props. This mesmerising illusion ring works great with your favourite staff, contact ball or collapsible hoop props for cutting edge fusion performances as well as being loads of fun just on its own. Let it roll from limb to limb or pass to your friends. Learn More
  2. Play Glitter Contact Stage Ball - 90mm

    The PLAY STAGE BALL is hollow and made of a flexible PVC which gives the ball great grip. It is excellent for performing because it has virtually no bounce and won’t go too far when dropped. Choose amongst the widest range in the world made in Italy by PLAY, absolutely the best balls for contact juggling.

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  3. Play Glitter Contact Stage Ball - 80mm

    A stage ball is a hollow ball rotationally molded out of PVC, without any filling, so the total weight of the ball is made up by the weight of the balls shell only. The advantage of this ball is it is very durable, bright colored, water proof and has a lower cost that most other juggling balls. The main disadvantage of a stage ball is it will rolls away from you when dropped. These gliiter balls are made with rod shaped glitter for more effect.

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  4. Firelovers Fire Contact Ball

    Fire contact ball from Firelovers.

    It is possible to use this ball without gloves.

    This ball was designed for 3 years by the best contact jugglers in the world. The main tester was Contact juggler Rendolf.

    The final contact ball has a weight between practice balls and acrylic balls. Some of the jugglers like to practice with our fireballs their new tricks.

    Don´t dip all balls to the fuel like Lamp oil, benzin, or kerosin.

    Dip or spray water to most of the part of the ball and spray just a few drops of fuel and test what is best for you.

    We recommend fuel with a lower temperatures of flames. Ethanol, coleman fuel, aquaflame, fakir liquids, zipo, Isopropyl, 2-Propanol (Isopropyl Alcohol) 80%.


    Total diameter:

    90 mm 240g

    100 mm 320g

    110 mm 400g

    120 mm 530g

    Burning time: Up to 3 minutes

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  5. Play 130mm Stage and Body Rolling Ball
    The Play Stage Ball is hollow and made of a flexible PVC which gives the ball great grip. This size is designed specifically for Contact Juggling and Body Rolling. UV reactive colours. The 130mm Play body rolling ball is a great ball for mastering body rolls and basic & advanced contact tricks. Please note that these balls should be stored with different colours in different bags. Learn More
  6. 'Plug & Play' Stage Ball Plugs
    These brightly coloured, small silicone Plugs are lightly embossed with the Play logo and fit perfectly in to the 'Plug and Play' stage balls - a great way to further customise these super adaptive balls. Learn More
  7. 75mm Plug & Play Juggling Balls (Ball)
    The new PLUG & PLAY Russian ball by PLAY. Now available in 8 pastel colors made of the same "SOFT TOUCH" plastic used for the PX4 handles. A much warmer and easy to control shell compared to the previous version.. Following the requests of many professional jugglers we created a semi-hard plastic shell with a generous 8 mm hole for filling the ball very easily with sand, salt, flour and even seeds of pretty big dimension. A simple and smart design that allows to reach the desired weight and behavior of your balls which can be changed in a few seconds as many times as you want. Each ball comes with a silicone plug to keep the contents safe and secure. We propose 2 standard fillings, QUARTZ SAND (for the typical "Russian" effect) or MILLET SEED (for a smoother flight behavior).

    Price is for One Ball only.

    Diameter: 75mm

    Weight of empty ball: 30g

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  8. Play Sil-X Implosion Juggling Ball - 100mm
    Larger version of the fantastic sil-x implosion juggling ball. This stage ball has been partially filled with a non-toxic liquid silicone. These balls are great for contact due to how bottom heavy they are (and their large size helps). They are arguably the most stable juggling ball for high throws and look fantastic when give a little spin. Slight stickiness to the skin and a subtle plug. Another great juggling product from Play, Italy available at fantastic wholesale prices. Learn More
  9. Play SIL-X Implosion Juggling Ball - 75mm
    Sil-x Implosion (75mm) juggling balls are the latest evolution of the Sil-x range. The transparent shell is slightly softer than the regular version and the coloured silicone filling looks amazing when they are juggled. All colours are UV reactive apart from Blue. Can also be used as contact balls to dazzling effect, with the sticky skin making these very forgiving. At first the pigment inside can look stuck inside the shell but a quick juggle should sort this out. Learn More
  10. Play Sil-X Implosion Juggling Ball - 67mm
    The latest generation of the fantastic Implosion juggling ball from Play, Italy - and this time you can get plenty in each hand! Slightly less than half full with coloured liquid silicone, these are the ultimate stage ball hybrid. Incredibly stable, great for body rolls due to their low centre of gravity and super visible with their UV reactive contents. The skin of these balls has some flex and are also quite sticky. Price is for one ball. Learn More

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