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  1. Play Perfect Hoop Light 19mm - 78cm (30.70 inches)

    The PERFECT HOOP LIGHT tubing has the same dimensional features as the common Polypro Hula Hoops, is equally light and has a very similar elasticity but can easily be folded up like the legendary PERFECT HOOPS without any risk of breaking.

    Dedicated to expert hoopers, the PERFECT HOOPS LIGHT are available in diameter of 78 cm  The exclusive and brand new type of HDPE used to create hoops that proves to have ideal characteristics for performing dynamic tricks that require immediate response such as wedgies, breaks and folds.

    Also excellent for manipulation and juggling PERFECT HOOPS LIGHT are the ideal choice for all the hoopers looking for perfectly round, light, transportable and above all, like all PLAY products, indestructible hula hoops!

    MaterialHDPE Light

    Outside Diameter of the tubing   19 mm - 3/4 Inch

    Maximum diameter of the hoop   85 cm

    78 cm diameter,

    The stainless steel button spring is specifically designed so that it doesn’t stick out of the tubing profile. The "mustache" shape of the spring button allows for an easy opening.

    The aluminum curved joint is light and strong and ensure an always perfect hoop roundness.

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  2. Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 20mm - 90cm (35.43")
    The 'Perfect' hoop from Play lives up to it's name - this is the undecorated hoop, aimed at people who take their hooping seriously and want the ultimate performance hoop that is at the same time practical. The Play 'Perfect' Hoop folds down to around 50% its original size making it ideal for transport and allowing your customers to not becoming Public Enemy no.1 on Public transport. The hoop material is slick and light-weight making for a fast, responsive hoop. These hoops are very strong and feature a smart 'mustache' shaped clip mechanism. Ideal for multi-hooping and highly recommended.
    These hoops are around 90cm diameter when fully extended. Learn More
  3. Juggle Dream Polypro Professional hoop - 16mm
    ✦Juggle Dream polypro hoop✦ Design by professional hoopers.

    The tube is made from 16 mm polypro giving it just the right amount of spring.

    The rebound quality makes the hoop perfect for very advanced tricks both for single as well as multiple hoop compilation.

    Made in four wonderful colour combinations using pro gaff and iridescent top-flight tape.

    Also available as a naked option.

    The hoop twists down to under half it size making it ideal for transportation.

    Sold in individual mail-order boxes whose color may variate.


    Tube diameter: 16 mm

    Outside of hoop diameter: 88 cm

    Inside of hoop diameter: 85 cm

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  4. Top Flight Spinning | 15mm X 10m Glitter Tape
    1. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE in the UK ONLY, click here  

    This Glitter Tape by Top Flight is an affordable, decorative adhesive that can be used to add a touch of sparkle to props, colour-coding projects and presents. This Glitter Tape has a textured surface which can offer improved grip on props. This tape comes on a pocket-size reel and is available in a number of bling colours. Each role has a width of 15mm and when fully extended will cover 10 metres. 

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  5. Fire Hoop - 5 spoke

    The hula hoop with wicks is a professional-grade product that is designed for experienced users. It is made with a cross-linked plastic that supports the weight of the wicks and makes it stable in use, as well as allows it to be easily folded for transport. The wicks are made of 100% pure kevlar and are 50mm in diameter and 40cm long. The connection to the hula is secured with a thread and a washer with EPDM, which helps to prevent unscrewing during use. The hula has a diameter of 80cm and a 20mm spout, and comes with 5 wicks. It is important to note that the flames of the wicks should not be pointed towards the plastic of the hula, and the hula should be checked before use. This hula hoop is a great choice for those who want to take their performances to the next level. It is also noteworthy that this hula hoop is foldable and that the wicks can be uncoupled.

    Recommended equipment

    -Flame retardant blanket

    -Sand bucket

    -Thick, damp towel

    -A fire extinguisher (make sure it is in working order and not expired).

    -Synthetic garments are not recommended.

    -It is recommended to wear your hair up

    -Do not use flammable products on the body (e.g. hair spray).

    -Avoid splashing the excess fuel you put in the wick

    -Read the instruction manual if the article to be used has one.

    Before you start

    -Always practice with your element switched off until you gain confidence and understand the characteristics of your element.

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  6. Universal strap - Fits - diabolo, handsticks, juggling rings, hula hoop

    The prop strap is a useful accessory that allows you to attach props such as diabolos, hula hoops, and juggling rings. It is a versatile and convenient way to carry your props with you wherever you go. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced performer, the prop strap is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their props close at hand. It is suitable for a wide range of props, making it a versatile and practical choice for all types of performances.

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  7. Juggle Dream SuperGLOW 300 mode Led hoop - 156 LED

    The Juggle Dream SuperGLOW Led hoop is a high-tech and versatile juggling prop that is perfect for performances, parties, and other events. With 156 super bright RGB LED lights, this hoop offers over 300 different functions, including solid colours, changing, pulsing, and strobing effects. The mini remote control allows for easy switching between functions and even allows you to pre-set up to 10 of your favourite functions for instant access. The hoop is also rechargeable and comes with a UK plug and a 2000 mAh lithium battery, which has a charging time of 2 hours and a playing time of 2-4 hours, depending on the function used. The hoop is lightweight at 320g and has a diameter of 86cm and a tubing diameter of 20mm, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre. Overall, the Juggle Dream SuperGLOW Led hoop is an impressive and innovative juggling prop that will take your performance to the next level.


    156 LEDs (60 LEDs/M) 

    Power supply: Uk Plug Rechargeable Lithium Battery 2000 mAh. 

    Charging time : 2 hours Playing time : 4 hours, depending on function Charging time: The hoops should be charged for 2 hours. This will give one hour of continuous very bright playtime. 

    Weight: 320g 

    Diameter: 86cm (33.85 inches) 

    Tubing diameter: 20mm

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  8. Fluffy cover - Various colours

      Hairy cover in an universal size. Fits many different poi, swings, staff fire heads, yoyos.

    Fluffy cover for universal size equipment.

    Fits many different poi, just as our tubes or cubes. Fits fire heads on staffs or swings. May be used for protecting hula hoops fire heads. Closed with welt.

    - height: 12 cm
    - diameter: 10 cm

    Price for one fluffy cover.

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  9. Juggle Dream Flex Elastic Hoop - 16mm

    The Juggle Dream Flex elastic hoop has been designed after years of research with professional hoopers.

    The tube has been made especially for Juggle Dream in hot orange. True to its name it has added flex and spring making hooping tricks even easier. The weight and tube size are ideal for both single and multiple hooping. Juggle Dream has added grippy cloth in seven bright colours to add to the visual impact of the hoop and additional grip.

    The Juggle Dream Flex Hoop collapses to half its size. And sold in individual mail-order boxes.

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  10. Play Perfect Travel Hoop Naked - 16mm - 70cm (27.55")

    The PERFECT HOOPS. Developed by PLAY in collaboration with some of the best hoopers in the world. HDPE tubing in two different diameters, easily collapsible and absolutely reliable thanks to an aluminium curved joint that grants perfect roundness to your hoops and a specifically designed stainless steel spring button that clicks easy and doesn't stick out of the tube profile.Dancing, fitness, circus performance or just lots of fun...there's a PERFECT HOOP for everything!

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