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  1. Fyrefli Double Wick Cougar Fire Staff (2 Sizes Available)
    The Cougar is an affordable three piece collapsible fire staff. It is manufactured to an excellent quality by Fyrefli in the UK. It comes with separate double 65mm wicks which use a reservoir system for extended burn times. The centre piece of the staff is covered with a very sticky silicone coating which is also heat resistant. Ideal for contact staff and supplied with carry bag. This staff is fantastic for staff spinners on the move and also mail order companies due to the way the staff breaks down. Available in 1.2m and 1.45m versions - please specify which model you'd prefer. Learn More
  2. Gora Thai Staff

    The classic recipe of a fire show is “Faster, Higher and MOOORE FIRE!”. Technically, the thai staff is a long spinner staff with an enormous amount of fire!

    The thai staff is made from a 15 x 1 mm duraluminum tube. It resists the heat of the fire wonderfully and makes a very lightweight prop, however it is somewhat fragile so it is important to take care during transport, i.e. do not step on your thai staff.

    The handling part in the middle is covered with the SuperGrip® which grants excellent hold.

    Sillicone Disc protectors save your hands from the huge flames creeping up the staff as long as you keep spinning at least slowly. It is however important you do not perform static, vertical positions especially at the beginning of your show when the flames are still too large and hot!

    The design of the fire blade is similar to that of the Fire Contact Sword or the Flying Sword.

    Darth Maul is a long-term user of the Thai Staff and our most hardcore tester. We believe he could have won even this fight against two Jedi, had he used the fire version of the thai staff!

    Learn More
  3. Gora Vulcano Sword
    To make huge fireballs with your sword.

    This unique tool is a combination of the Fire Swing Sword and the Vul-Cane.

    First you need to apply the Lycopodium into the sword's blade by the help of a funnel, then you can apply the paraffin with a syringe. You must ensure there is no excess fuel dripping anywhere near the tip of the blade, otherwise the Lycopodium will become wet and turn into mud.

    From that moment you set the Lycopodium into the blade, you have to keep the Sword upside. Light the Sword, than make sure that there is no person or any flammable material in about a 6-meter-diameter. If the space is safe, you can start swinging the Sword. The centrifugal force will bring out the powder which will ignite upon contact with the head and makes huge flame effect.

    The empty and dry Sword weights 427g

    - This gear is for advanced fire performers

    - Use it carefully, don't use it in wind.

    - Don’t inhale during the explosion, because you may inhale the burning powder.

    - Use lower heat level liquids like paraffin, lamp oil or barbecue oil.

    - Do not use white spirit or benzene.

    - Do not keep the swords downwards continuously.

    - Do not put it on the ground while burning. Learn More
  4. Oddballs LED Staff USB charging  - 11 functions

    The new Oddballs Multifunction LED staff is the perfect blend of affordability, practicality and performance. Covered in clear silicone tube throughout its full length, this staff is super grippy making it easier for contact moves, while still being light enough for faster hand spinning styles too. 

    Fitted with a super bright, USB rechargeable, RGB LED unit on each end. In the dark, these units diffuse the light throughout the full length of the staff  and can be set to any one of 11 effects:

    • Cut change -1.5 seconds per colour, though 8 colours. 

    • Strobing - through 8 colours. 

    • Slow fade - through 8 colours. 

    • Solid Colours in: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Orange & White. 

    To switch the units on, press and hold the button next to the charging port. To cycle through the function menu, press once and release. To switch off, press and hold the button until the stick flashes once. The Oddballs Multifunction staff will take 15 minutes to charge - which will give forty five minutes glow on all settings. 

    The Oddballs Multifunction staff is part of a more environmentally friendly generation of Oddballs LED products. You can now charge your Staff almost anywhere using a standard USB charge point (laptop or power pack) via the  2-way USB - Micro usb splitter cable supplied. 


    Staff Length: 1400mm 

    Diameter: 23mm

    Weight: 560g

    Charging time: 20 minutes

    Playing time: 1 hour depending on function

    Learn More
  5. Oddballs 300 mode USB LED Staff with remote

    With 166 super bright RGB LEDs, allowing over 300 different functions, the Oddballs 300mode LED staff is a game changer. Navigating its huge functions menu couldn’t be easier.  All functions are available at the tip of your fingers, using the mini remote control. Choose from - solid white, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan and magenta, plus too many changing, pulsing and strobing effects to even begin to mention here (all with variable speed control:). Then store up to 10 of your favourites for instant access using the customisable favourites menu.

    The staff's mini remote is smaller than a credit card and will easily tuck into any costume without interfering with the performer’s movement. Alternatively, the remote is effective up to 10 m, so can easily be operated by someone offstage.

    The Oddballs RC Multifunction staff is part of a more environmentally friendly generation of Oddballs LED products. You can now charge your Staff almost anywhere using a standard USB charge point (laptop or power pack) via the  2-way USB - Micro usb splitter cable supplied. 

    300 modes remote control


    - staff diameter: 2.5 cm

    - staff length: 140CM

    - Weight : 600g

    - LEDs:166 RGB LEDS

    - USB charge. Single USB charging cable supplied

    - Playing time 1.5 hours depending on function

    - Charging time 4 hours

    Press the switch for 5 seconds to turn on, press for 5 seconds to turn off

    Turn off via the switch on the staff to completely power off, Turning it off with the remote control will leave it in standby and will deplete the charge.

    Learn More
  6. Gora Fire Juggling Sword

    Juggling torches with huge flames. While with the normal torches you can see only dots running around, these swords show how the blades are turning, and make a much nicer effect.

    The silicone disc protects your hands. The handles are ergonomic and the grip is made of a soft, spongy plastic. The weight balance is very close to the normal clubs.

    Did you ever had the feeling that your juggling torches are too small for the stage? With this Fire Juggling Swords you will never get that feeling.

    The weight of a piece is 265g.

    • Use lower heat level liquid like paraffin, lamp oil or barbecue oil.
    • Do not use white spirit or benzene!
    • Do not keep the swords downwards continuously.
    • Do not light them many times without stops. Too much heat breaks the fiberglass.
    • Use background light to see the handle side precisely.
    Learn More
  7. Firelovers 150cm Training Staff

    Classic training staff by Firelovers, ideal for beginners. 

    The surface is made from one layer grip and the ends are made from a soft foam material. 

    The staff has same weight as Firelovers basic fire staff.

    Learn More
  8. Gora Practice Staff - 1.53m - ONE PIECE
    The Gora Practice Staff is a fantastic prop in it's own right and not just for spinners gearing up for fire twirling. This is a smooth, well balanced staff that's perfect for training or performing without fire.
    The staff's core material is the same 7075 aluminium alloy found in the Gore Fire Contact Staff. This makes it exceptionally durable and very hard to bend yet still light at the same time. To give additional momentum for contact tricks there are lathed steel rods attached to either end. One of the nicest features though is the extruded EPDM rubber handle that covers most of the inner section. This is very grippy and sticky and ideal for contact staff. Gora also also included 2 of his signature inverted 'flowers' to help slow the staff. They also work as good visual markers and fan out nicely when spun correctly.

    Learn More
  9. Gora "TRAVEL" Contact Practice Staff - 1.5m
    Gora presents his 150cm travel staff variation of the amazing Gora Contact Staff. Using similar technology to the Concentrate Fire Staff locking system the Gora Travel Contact Staff behaves and performs just like the original model but with a little added weight. It is also essential to ensure that the staff is locked in place and secure before spinning! This staff is wrapped in a generous amount of EPDM rubber and sticky tennis grip making ideal for lots of body contact. As with the whole Gora staff range the core is constructed from 7075 aluminium - super strong yet reasonably light. There's also the added bonus of protective black silicone to reduce the amount of exposed metal work. The staff also comes fitted with 2 of Gora's inverted rubber 'Flowers' which are great for slowing the staff down and add a little weight towards the end of the staff giving it great momentum.

    When broken down the two end pieces measure 55cm and the centre piece measures 60cm. Learn More
  10. Juggle dream - S Staff
    The S Staff is a great variation on conventional staff spinning. Combining traditional spinning with slower and more controlled manipulation they can create some unique show stopping effects.

    Our S Staffs are manufactured with a single piece of high quality aluminium in order to create a perfectly symmetrical sine-wave shape. The polished aluminium is not only extremely sturdy but looks stunning too (although due to the shape we advise against throwing or dropping these staffs as it can lead to them becoming misshapen over time).

    These S Staffs are finished with fibreglass plugs at each end and internal silencers that minimize the ting sound caused if the staffs hit one another. The internal silencers are specifically designed to add a minimal amount of perfectly distributed weight. Learn More

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