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Juggle Dream Tail Poi - 9 colours available

Juggle Dream Tail Poi - 9 colours available

Tail Poi from Juggle Dream. Colorful, soft, and cushioned Tail Poi, perfect for beginners and children. Available in 6 vibrant colours. A perfect set of practice poi, ideal for festivals, parties, and the beach. 

Fully adjustable cord, enabling Juggle Dream Tail Poi to be used at a range of lengths. 

The tails and UV cover are both removable, ideal for indoor practice without tangles.

Suitable for poi spinners of all sizes and ages.

Sold as a pair.



Tail Poi

Poi originates from the New Zealand Maori culture where the word 'poi' translates to 'ball'. They were originally used as a strengthening tool for warriors.

Today, poi is used for fun or as an aesthetic performance prop around the world.

Poi are typically brightly coloured in appearance. Tail Poi, are as the name suggests, Poi which have tails that trail behind the poi head when spun creating a beautiful visual effect.</p> 

Poi spinning helps those that practice develop hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and fitness by being active in a non-competitive way. Those that use poi are commonly referred to as Poi Spinners.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Juggle Dream
Cord Nylon
Player Level Any
Handle Nylon Double Loop
RRP £14.99
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